Qualifications and Approach

This is the first step in the Sober Recovery Journey.  Our coaching interventions are founded on years of experience in addiction recovery.  We are experienced coaches with years of client session work in providing our specialized services.  Hundreds of hours of education, including addiction theory and brain neuroscience, form the basis of our effective program.  We participate in the latest continuing education which keeps us abreast of industry advancements in recovery principals, wellness interventions, and experiential work.  We work with clients in residential alcohol and drug addiction treatment facilities in addition to our private practice coaching clients.  Having served dozens of clients and worked side-by-side with many credentialed professionals and peer recovery facilitators, we have guided many men and women on the path to reach their recovery goals.

We are committed to clients first, from a place of service, people suffering with addiction, and second, to provide healing to their families and loved-ones.  Alcoholics and addicts, when living in active addiction,  put their very lives at risk along with their loved-ones' health, safety and sanity.  In our own personal recovery, we've experienced first-hand, the healing and power of recovery coaching techniques and remain grateful to those who taught, mentored, and trained us to help others over the years. We provide private, confidential, and professional coaching sessions and recovery services in a safe and therapeutic atmosphere.  Together we conquer active addiction.

- Coach

James "JC" Shiver


"I expect to pass through this world but once.  Any good thing, therefore, that I can do or any kindness I can show to any fellow human being, let me do it now.

Let me not defer nor neglect it, for I shall not pass this way again." 

-Stephen Grellet

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Overview (continued)

People who find themselves caught in the web of addiction need coaching to guide them in their escape.  Discovering the nature of an addiction problem has no effect on the recovery from it.  Actual recovery requires an action plan.  If people suffering from substance abuse had the answer, they could recover on their own.  We provide practical personal guidance, individualized  solution-focused structure and meaningful accountability planning to elicit positive change.  We structure a plan that works for the individual and we understand that there is no one-size fits all solution. Our program includes family and relationship wellness coaching to support real recovery solutions for real lives on a day-to-day basis.

For many struggling people, expensive 30-day inpatient rehabs can be ineffective.  In many cases, especially in subsequent or multiple rehab visits, the time and cost results in nothing more than a physical detox period with a temporary escape from the reality of life. A "Real Recovery" is one that lasts and is therefore built on attainable and sustainable new reactions to life, a new set of choices and a new outlook on one's-self and one's life possibilities.

Our program concentrates on balance and the first year of life-changing recovery work. Many men and women have succeeded in their recovery journey by working privately with a professional coach. If an individual has tried to stop using drugs or alcohol on their own and failed or tried inpatient treatment but was unsuccessful, there is a better solution.  Some may have attended several weeks-long intensive outpatient programs to get help, then relapsed back into drinking or using.  If attempts to change, to stop drinking and using, to end the string of negative consequences through traditional treatments have been unsuccessful, our one-on-one recovery coaching program may be the solution. Consistency in private session work and healthy recovery support breaks the scary cycle of addiction relapse and brings peace, hope and happiness back to life.  


We may include spouses, families, significant others and even employers to unify recovery efforts.  For true healing and long-term recovery to develop, there must be a new state of hope, a new state of mind and a new state of process.  For some people, this kind of successful recovery work can be very difficult to obtain in "group therapy" settings.  Our clients have shared time and time again, that our one-on-one work with them was key to their success.    


To schedule a no-cost phone consultation, please use the form below.  We will reach out within 12 hours with hope and solutions. 


"Alcoholics and addicts are not bad people, they are in fact, really-really good people who are suffering from a bad illness". 


You are important and deserve to get well! 


The Sober Recovery Journey

5115 Maryland Way

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