Addictive use of Alcohol or Drugs brings Chaos,

Shame, Illness, Financial Stress, Career Problems

and most sadly, Relationship Collapse  

Those are the symptoms of an illness that can be arrested

Ours is An Individualized

Client-Centered Program of Recovery

We Focus Specifically on Solutions for Addiction and Alcoholism

Offering an Effective and Affordable Alternative to Traditional Treatment

for Adult Men and Women

We offer both Substance Abuse Counseling and Recovery Coaching.  Neither are mutually exclusive. Substance Use Disorder is a complex disease, caused by a number of contributing factors. It does not come about solely from drinking too much for too long or taking too many drugs for too long. There are underlying causes which can be pre-existing, and other contributing causes which develop as a result of substance abuse. With Recovery Coaching, abstinence can be achieved and routines can be changed over time with work and commitment. Therapy can help identify patterns, reveal causes and help the individual who has been abusing substances understand the “why” part of their illness from an educated and informed perspective. Most substance abusers are seeking relief from some type of emotional or physical pain. Working with a trained and licensed therapist can help the suffering person as wells as their loved-ones, develop coping skills and solutions based upon
the issues identified through counseling. Many people relapse if they, for whatever reason, fail to address the underlying causes of their substance abuse. These causes can be triggered even after a prolonged period of abstinence.


We believe in the efficacy of both Counseling and Recovery Coaching. Counseling, matched with effective coaching techniques, can derive amazing results for the person who suffers from substance use disorder.  When combined with abstinence, willingness to change, and accountability provided by the coach, the program offers a solid platform for long-term recovery.

If you are unsure about commitment to a recovery coaching program, we will be happy to provide individual counseling sessions based upon your unique and personal needs.

Why One-on-One Private Coaching?

We know that each person has fears about their substance use as well as their own individual needs in the early stages of their decision to seek recovery.  Facing the problem of alcoholism and addiction is a frightening and confusing undertaking and many people feel the stigma of shame and embarrassment attached to seeking professional help.  Our client sessions provide private and confidential evidence-based solutions through therapeutic coaching interventions. We integrate personal, family, career, school needs and challenges with our DBT-based outpatient recovery coaching program and provide solutions that work in the real world.  Our client sessions are scheduled on weekday evenings and weekends to meet the needs of real people in their life, work and school schedules.  There is personal healing when consistent, one-on-one therapeutic coaching interventions are formulated and structured for the individual client.  We do not subject our clients to impersonal "group therapy" sessions, which we believe can dilute effective progress and can leave a client's specific personal recovery needs un-addressed.  Many  previous clients have shared thoughts about their successful journey through our program. We've posted several here on the website as encouragement for others to seek help and understand that our recovery coaching program works and is a powerful and personalized alternative to traditional "treatment" or "rehab".  

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Men and women struggling with substance abuse or addiction to alcohol, prescription drugs or "street drugs", very often need help to recover.  When self-attempts have failed or inpatient treatment was inffective or is not a good option, a qualified hands-on recovery coaching professional can be the answer. Our experience spans over 23 years in the field of addiction recovery.  This out-patient coaching program has helped many-many people in their release from addiction and allowed them to re-discover life as it was meant to be.

Our clients are men and women, professionals, stay at home parents, college students, or any adult seeking help to stop the devastation of alcohol and drugs on their lives and the lives of those who love and care for them.

We developed our program based on proven recovery experiences over many years of applying evidence-based addiction recovery theory and client-centered coaching processes.  We provide guidance and support for clients helping them to reach their goals through abstinence-based recovery practices.  We work privately, one-on-one, to coach clients back from the dark places of addiction.  Many good people find themselves vulnerable to the crushing grip of addiction with it's tight hold on thier lives.  Addiction takes people them to the the precipice of personal and family destruction, many times leading to an early and ugly death. 

We help clients find release, relief and renewal.  We begin with an understanding of our client, his or her specific life challenges and family needs, then provide solutions and work face-to-face with them at regularly scheduled sessions to achieve successful results.  Our services are as broad as necessary to reach the clients goals and are always based on experience and clinical wellness precepts. 


Our Clients are sons and daughters, moms and dads, brothers and sisters, both young and old, who are deeply embedded in a vicious cycle of destruction that threatens their very lives. It takes experienced help to free the sufferer from the chains of addiction.  That familiar "numbing of reality" which comes at once from the consumption of various chemical substances must be challenged with a structured plan of relief actions.

We walk with our clients on the sometimes very narrow path to abstinence and sobriety.  Each step in the early going is critical to success.  Although recovery comes easier for some than others, it is always a process that requires a one-on-one plan designed and formulated especially for each individual’s circumstances.



“As I take time and think back about these months that have passed, I really feel so grateful to you. I am not just saying this to say it, I really mean it. I don’t know that Mark and I would have made it through if it weren’t for you. You have such a gentle and understanding way about you and any time I was on the ledge you always made me feel better and hopeful. I appreciate your honesty, your demeanor, and your experience. I am just so grateful that you worked with my family to bring all the recovery work together to reunite us. You are fantastic at what you do, so thank you.”

-Kathleen & family, Nashville, TN



To schedule a no-cost phone consultation, please use the form below.  We will reach out within 12 hours with hope and solutions. 


"Alcoholics and addicts are not bad people, they are in fact, really-really good people who are suffering from a bad illness". 


You are important and deserve to get well! 


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